Interesting Psychologists in Africa (a growing list)


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The International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)) developed an extensive collection on Psychology resources in the African Region


Maryknoll Institute of African Studies Programs, Lang’ata (Kenya) (Website)

Professor Edward Oyugi, Ph.D. Psychology, Professor  Edward A. Oyugi holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in the area of Psychology, Education Psychology, Pedagogics and Social Psychology from University of Cologne (German) (1963-71). He was a visiting professor at Bayreuth University (Germany) in African Studies (1985-87). He is currently an associate professor at Kenyatta University.

– Drs. Hubert Pinto, PhD Candidate, Psychology. Drs. Hubert Pinto is the Director of the Institute of Youth Ministry in Tangaza College. He has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology with emphasis on Marriage and Family from University of San Fransisco , Bachelors of Theology from Tangaza College- Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Bachelor of Arts in Economics from North-Eastern Hill University, Bachelor of Philosophy from Jnanodaya Salesian College and is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology at Kenyatta University, Kenya.

Department of Psychology Kyambogo University (Uganda)

Santos Auma Okumu is Director Training at RCI and currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology Kyambogo University – Uganda. Mr. Okumu is enjoys Marital counselling. His interests are in Developmental Psychology, Research in Education, Teacher professional growth and development. Guidance and counselling.


School of Psychology, Makerere University, Kampala (Uganda) (Website)

-Paul Nyend (stress, Sexual harassmen, Family enviroment and adolescent sexual adjustmen, Psychological empowerment and voluteerism, Depression)

-Leon Matagi (Occupation/work attitudes, Withdraw behaviour/intentions, Gender issues, Cultur)

-Simon Kizito (Positive psychology, Loss and grief in children and adolescence, Marital satisfication, Psychological well being and emotional inteligence, Childhood problems)

-Patrick Mwase (Family back ground and academic performance, Child abuse and neglect, Adolescent risky behaviour, delinquence, Family/domestic violence, Premarital sex behaviours)

– Mayanja Kajumba (Mental illness and crime, Psychology and criminal investigation, Depression and sucide, the impact of traumatic events,war, torture.rape etc, Family conflicts and psychological destress, Sexual deviations; prostitution,homosexuality,incest and defilement, Psychological distress and progression of terminal illness, AIDSand cancer)

– Simon Natamu (Emotional inteligence, Work attutides/behaviour, Individualism and collectivism, Common property resources management, Spiritual,stress,depression,and life satisfication, Intitutions,power,distance,self and public interests)

– Gava Sarah (AIDS, Cross cultural issues, Personality, Accountability, Knowledge management, Organisational behaviours, Compensation and rewards)

– Nansubuga Florence (Organisations and their influence on behaviour, Organisational structure and communication, Social capital, Consumer behaviour, Work place design, Performance management)

L’association des psychologues cliniciens du Cameroun (Website)

Edoa Mbatsogo Hélène Carole, psychologue clinicienne, Directrice du comité scientifique, APC-Cameroun

Journal: Revue Camerounaise de Psychologie Clinique (Website)

Centre de Psychologie et de prise en charge, Douala (Cameroun) (Website)

Jean MOUBEB, Psychologue Clinicien et psychopatholoque au Cameroun,  est un Psychothérapeute et Directeur du CEEPSYPEC à Douala-Cameroun.
Wellness Services Tanzania (Website)

– Dr. Gad Kilonzo, Psychiatrist

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