The Psychology Museum is a noncommercial collective founded in 2011.

Offline projects are realized in cooperation with partner institutions.


Sascha Frank, Berlin
Historian, also works for  The Kurt Löwenstein Education Center and Zeitgeschichte-online. Lived in Marseille, Manchester and Mexico City. Contact

Miriam Georger, Berlin
cultural scientist and independent curator, involved in a curator team called ‘a7. ausstellungen e.V.’ She also worked for ‘Goldrausch’ Artist project and LoBe London Berlin.

Diego Iturriza, Buenos Aires
Writer, Essayist. Studies of Linguistics in Buenos Aires an Mexico City. Writes a Blog.  Currently living and working in Berlin and Buenos Aires. Contact

Yvonne Leeb, Berlin & Vienna
Editor, Artist and Researcher in various projects and cities.

Christine Voissière, France, Sociologist, Development Project Coordinatrice, Coordinatrice de projèt at RSI Nomad in Ladakh, India (Project Blog). Coordinatrice de projèt at KPA in Batang, Indonesia. English Teacher in Ghana. Studied Ethnology in Manchester (England) and Coopérations et solidarités internationales in Evry (France). Currently living in France.

Moritz Hunsmann, Hyères (France) Political Economist, PhD Scholar at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris. Cofounder of the Collective Social Center Lajuncha Cafépicerie at Saint Léger les Mélèzes (French Alpes). Currently living in France.


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people in motion (Foto: Daniel Tubb|flickr)

people in motion (Foto: Daniel Tubb|flickr)



2 Responses

  1. LOPEZ NAHUEL says:

    Desde argentina, pertenezco a un proyecto de Investigación del Museo de Psicología de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

    espero su contacto me interesan publicaciones sobre el rol del psicólogo en los museos.

    • sf says:

      Saludos desde Berlín! Lo siento, no conosco investigaciones sobre la influencia de psicolog@s en museos. Pero hay bastante sobre el trabajo pedagogico de los museos – probablemente es la misma situación en Argentina (?). Por favor, envianme un link sobre su proyecto! Muchas gracias! Sascha

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