About the Gallery

Our gallery shows artwork of any kind and examines it. Not to disrobe and frame the artists psychologically.  Rather we would like to entrap those who look at the exhibited to not only take notice of the artist’s name. It would be great if we succeed to tempt the spectators to carry on questioning who and what else more contributed to shape the artistic work. Here we fall back on one of the museum’s fundamental ideas: It is the understanding that on the one hand we are indeed physically alone in our bodies, but on the other hand, mentally, we are not alone at all. We do think in (design) languages we adopted from other people. Every thought happens as a reach out to the thinking of others, to their aesthetics and techniques. It is a reformulation. That’s just why our fascination for art is vivid. Let’s lean back unreservedly and be impressed how the authors express their worlds and reformulate life with their own associations.

If You are interested to exhibit here, please send us Your suggestion to galerie@mpsy.de. Apart from a selection of Your works we accompany the show with an interview in which You may provide an insight into aspects of your work that are not necessarily noticeable to the spectators. A relevant part of the selection to be exhibited must not be online yet. We invite You to choose a Creative Commons License of Your choice for Your works. After the finissage the exhibition will be archived on our pages under a fix URL with your name of choice (example.psychologymuseum.org).

Wegen Umbau geschlossen (Foto: KRO-Media|flickr)



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